A New Years Resolution

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One of my two New Years resolutions is to write more in this blog and spend more time working on the site in general! Updates are needed! The other resolution is to spend more time writing: how is it that every less important thing gets allowed to absorb so much time? I’m feeling very determined to put writing first.

O.K so the first piece of news is that there is a new person at the cottage. Her name is Gwendolen after a dear friend. She is a Frog of Great Character and sits on the stereo behind my desk. I am really enjoying her presence.


Things I have learned about Gwennie the Frog so far are
- She sinks her eyes back into her head when she sleeps and lids them heavily.
-She explores like mad whenever Im not looking.
-She has wonderful toes.
-There are lovely blue markings under her hind legs.

I understand that she is a Southern Bell Frog and will have a deep voice when she sings. NZfrogs.org says “This species was introduced to New Zealand in the late 1860s from Tasmania by the Canterbury Acclimisation Society.” So she’s not a native taken from the wilds which is nice. She appears to be thriving in her new home.

I found this whimsy and loved it:

Finally I hear that Drexels is about 60 days off opening its new branch in Riccarton and that the invitations to the opening party are in the mail. Awesome. Its going into Riccarton Mall and I’m sure will do well there. I’m looking forward to the celebrations!

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