Baby Teeth: Bite Sized Tales of Terror

Baby Teeth started as a social media experiment.

A group of writers, under the urging of Dan Rabarts, decided to use a Reddit thread about creepy things kids have said as inspiration for a writing exercise. We set up a Facebook page and before you could say ‘o heck that’s creepy’ stories inspired by the thread started pouring in. One writer was inspired by another, friendships were born or strengthened, and the quality of work was great.

We decided to turn our efforts into a book, if we could, and benefit charity at the same time. Paper Road Press came to the party and Baby Teeth came into being. All copies in the first print run have sold out and a second print run is being scheduled.

Two of my stories “Practise makes Perfect” and “The Birthday Present” are included in this anthology. They represent my first ever attempts at writing horror. Please note: this is definitely not a children’s book.

Baby Teeth was published October 31st, 2013.

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