Deputy Dan

Dan is used to solving his cases in the wink of an eye because he is to giant brain-boxes what Everest is to mountains.

However, in Deputy Dan & the Mysterious Midnight Marauder, Dan faces off against a criminal foe who has him outpaced and outfoxed!

Dan is unswerving in doing his duty, a black belt who stays up way past his bedtime, and the favourite of the Chief of Police. Dan finished school entirely during his cadetship, and was the youngest ever graduate of the Police Academy, passing all tests with flying colours. Genius! Indeed, Nanny Wortle once commented that what Dan lacks in wisdom, he often makes up for in brains. His fascination with pointing out the error of their ways to much larger boys meant that Dan’s mother enrolled him in martial arts while he was still in kindergarten so that he could defend himself afterwards. He took to martial arts like the proverbial duck to a pond and continues to practice bushido, kempo, karate, and tatami in his spare time.

His mother sometimes regrets letting him play with police cars as an infant, and encouraging his father Sergeant Trevor to re-enact his day on patrol, instead of telling Dan bed time stories. Dan says he dislikes the press attention he gets and sometimes considers a change in career