Nanny Wortle

Nanny Wortle not only takes life by the horns, she will give it a good thumping with her stick, or a cheeky pat on the bottom too!

In her youth Nanny narrowly escaped a date with the local vicar for her wedding. She took stock and, having not quite made it up the aisle, decided that she didn’t want to. Nanny Wortle never looked back.

Nanny has used a walking stick since a dance move for her role in the Rocky Horror Picture Show went horribly wrong and she catapulted into the orchestra. She has lived in seclusion with Moofin the house Marmot, and Fish, in the country near Rangiroa ever since.

There, Nanny lives to the beat of her own drum, and it’s playing a tune of considerable eccentric charm! She is known for her topiary work, in particular the hedge-work dinosaurs and monsters around her home, which have won accolades from “Topiary Today”. She is a noted breeder of Marmots, and prides herself on the conformation and manners of her wooly Marmots, and the fineness of their fleece. Nanny could hoard for New Zealand in the Olympics!!!

Nanny Wortle seems to simply be another old lady. However the truth is Nanny, like many older women, is enchantingly complicated!